Old Style Shire Horses

Most of these have been collected from old SHS studbooks, with a few submissions.  Others are from "The Four Oaks" and "The Shire Horse" both authored by Keith Chivers, as well as "The Long Haul" by Bryan Holden.  I would recommend purchase of these books to any shire horse enthusiast.

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the show in 1892, gelding Albion Surprise, and the show in 1912

gelding Albion Victor, Alston Rose, Althorpe Trump Card

Bar None Conqueror, Bar None, Batty Grace Darling

Beckford Coming King, Belle Cole and King Cole (Colt), Belle Cole

Birdsall Menestrel twice then gelding Birkwood Claremont

Blaisdon Jupiter twice, then  Bower Winalot

Bower Winalot

Bradgate Supreme, British Flag IV, Burnham Fashion

Bury Kings Champion, unknown near Burnopfield in the North East of England, Buscot Harold

Gelding Caesar, gelding Captain, Champions Clansman

Champions Goalkeeper, Childwick Champion, gelding Copper

Cowage Clansman twice, Cresswell Grey Princess

Crimwell Beauty, Crossways Forest Maid

Crossways Forest Maid, "Dam of Tilley", Desford Countess

Dodman, unknown illustration, Dunsmore Chessie (yes she was Chestnut and a shire!)

Dunsmore Chessie, Dunsmore Fuchsia, Dunsmore Gloaming

unknown, near Burnopfield


Eaton Premier King

Edingale Franklin, Edingale Grey Kingmaker, gelding Elma Darkie

England's Glory

Above & below: Erfyl Lady Grey

Etchingham Solace, Field Marshal 5th twice

Field Marshal 6th, group showing 5 generations of grey mares from eldest to youngest.

2 adverts used by Forshaw's shire stud, cover from Breeder's Gazette.

Generosity, Girton Charmer, Gleadthorpe Seclusion

gelding Globe Warrant, Goalkeeper, Grange Wood Clifford What's Wanted (perhaps should be Grangewood)

Grange Wood Clifford What's Wanted, Great Haywood Lady Lincoln, Grey Spark with Richard Forshaw

Grey Spark (Richard Forshaw edited out), Halstead Royal Duke, Hapton Wonder - a coloured shire when they were still accepted.

Harboro Goldfinder x 3

Harboro Nulli Secundus x 3

Harold, unknown, Hawton Blend

gelding Heaton Gay Lad, gelding Heaton Silver lad, Hendre Champion

Herontye Buscot, His Excellency, Hitchin Conqueror

Honest Tom, Innisfail Topper, Kerry Clanish Maid

Kerry Clanish Maid, Kirkland Black Friar, Lady Lofty

gelding Lancaster (what a chunk!), Leckhampstead Sheila, Leek Beauty

Lillingstone Brandmark, gelding Lincoln, Lincolnshire Lad II

Lincoln What's Wanted twice (second at Forshaw's stud, Carlton-on-Trent), Lockinge Forest King

Locking Hengist, Lockinge Ridgeway Rose twice

Lockinge Ridgeway Rose, Lockington Beauty

Lorna Doone twice, Marden Blanche

Marden Blanche, Marden Daphne, Marden Evelyn

unknown pair of mares, Margaret of Chippinghurst, Markeaton Royal Harold

Nantwich Supreme, gelding Norman, Nyn Hitchin Duke

Old House Conquering Mimic, unknown, Pendley Marceline

Pendley Warrant, Premier, Present King II

Preston Warrant, Prince of Wales, gelding Prince

Princess Beryl, Prince William, Prince William

Queen Of Shires, unknown, unknown pair


unknown, gelding Rand Footprint, Rickford Coming King

Rickford Coming King, Rock

Rokeby Harold, the youngest stallion to win champion - as the illustration shows, he got over excited and escaped from his handler, or as they write "gets elated and free"

Roycroft Forest Queen, unknown at a sale

Shopnoller Drayman three times

Shopnoller Drayman, Slipton King, gelding Solomon

Stolen Duchess, Strete Melody, Stroxton Tom

Sunderlands Sterope, Tatton Dray King, The Bomber

The Dean, 20 horse hitch hauling the anchor of the Titanic, The Dean

unknown, Vedas and Vulcan, Vesuvius and Umber - the last two photos show the Liverpool dock horses who broke all weight pulling records, Umber on his own shifted 18 tons from a standing start.

Warton Draughtsman, Wick Lady Clansman, Wingerworth Modern Lad

gelding Wonder

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